First, here’s a song for you… I want to remind all you tokers that in addition to being a great day to smoke- April 20th is also the day that 11 men died on the Deepwater Horizon. This leads us to where we are today….

Mr. Willie Nelson signed a parlor guitar from the late 1800’s that will be auctioned off online starting April 22. Proceeds will help continue the fight to restore the Gulf of Mexico. Mr. Nelson has always fought for the farmer & the planet. Here your songWillie!.. a rough cut, but I figure if I couldn’t get it out for 4.20 what’s the point?

Truth is we need folks to stand up for our commercial fishermen. Before the spill they were one of the last groups of people that could sustain a living from our plant.  No amount of money can replace what we have lost… Sustainability, I fear the next generation may not be able to hunt and fish the way we did growing up. We trusted our government & gave BP the benefit of the doubt. Many were starved out by the claims process. Many remain sick from toxic exposure. Some were made whole, but were all failed by the chain of command. Don’t believe me? We’ll now is your chance to hear from all the good people that make a living in the Gulf of Mexico.

After being part of countless gatherings, three trips to DC, and fighting to tell the truth for the last two years it seems the media is finally willing to report the real condition of the Gulf. The real deal is BP’s carelessness killed 11 of our brothers. Losing jobs to the moratourim helped cripple our economy while our ecosystem is still being run down from their oil that washes death on our coast. Very little has changed in the way we handle spill response, not one piece of legislation pass since the spill has protected coastal citizens or those who work offshore, The restore act is sitting in limbo and will be part of a bill that will incldue allowing a pipeline across the country, and fresh oil kicks up every time we have a storm in the Gulf.  The truth is that we are divided by those who profit from our existence… And if all those who live, work, play, fish, hunt, and care about the Gulf don’t come together-it will be divided we fall. That is, if the environmentalist, fishermen, oil workers, and all who earn a living in the Gulf don’t work together to restore it-there won’t be anything left to save.

For those who have fought for their homeland for the last two years I will see the morning of April 20th in Grand Isle, La. The day starts with a 9am meeting under the Community center with Scientist, concerned citizens, & fishermen. At 10 we will pray at the beach where Betty Doud planted crosses for the 11 that died in the Deepwater Explosion…  This will be followed by planting seagrass on Elmer’s Island then it’s off to New Orleans..

Last year Dr. John, Shannon McNally, I joined a host of musicians that played a concerts across the Gulf for those exposed toxic conditions in the Gulf. Not one elected official would listen to them and it was hard to get media to print anything about their plight. Now we have science and the testimony of  thousands of folks affected by the disaster. Mac’s vision was to Unite the Tribes in prayer for the Gulf. I’m proud to say his vision has come together in a week of prayer and you are invited be part of an all-Nations drum circle friday in Louis Armstrong park followed by a Second line at 4:20pm. This will end in a Town Hall Meeting that night in New Orleans. Here’s the Press release:

The Health of the Gulf Town Hall Meeting will be held at 6pm at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans, 2903 Jefferson Avenue.  Scientists, doctors, fishermen, clean-up workers, and concerned citizens will discuss health, science, and long term restoration efforts in the wake of BP’s Oil Drilling Disaster. Scheduled speakers include Kindra Arnesen, Riki Ott, Aaron Viles, Antonia Juhasz, Cherri Foytlin, Dr. Mike Robichaux, Dean Blanchard, Drew Landry and children who are experiencing symptoms of oil-related exposure. After the meeting a reception follows with Music by Shannon McNally & Drew Landry follows. Media Contact:  Karen Savage, 617-784-0125, mathsavage@gmail.com
Why is the media back?- because the very Scientist that BP hired are putting their findings out to the public. Because kids in Grand Isle, Venice, and Mississippi are all suffering from the same illnesses. Because, no matter what BP commercials say about the condition of the Gulf- fishermen have to throw back shrimp caught with out eyes, scientists are seeing increasing amount of fish with lesions, crabs in the Gulf are still being caught with their shells eaten away, and the beaches are full of vibrio ridden tarballs. BP money is being used to tell the world how safe the seafood is while they stifle projects that would truly give us an idea about the health of the Gulf. Don’t believe me? try this one on for starters- there will not be a fish count till 2014 (the assumed date the case will fully be done). Want to hear another amazing bit of info? A proposed LSU project to accuratly report the amount of fish with lesions in the Gulf was shelved without good reason. Maybe, it’s the fact that folks can’t handle the truth. Most Compelling to me is that BP will not even give the researchers they are paying to look at the long-term effects of the spill the dispersed oil they have needed for their experiments.

Hats off to all those who never gave up when the world said they were crazy for telling the truth. We’ve met with CDC, EPA, NIEHS, and countless elected officials know that Fishermen, cleanup workers, and coastal citizens in every Gulf state are sick from toxic exposure. This is the consequence of putting record profits over life on this planet. The reality is that our government let a foreign company carpet bomb the Gulf with dispersant and this is still the only answer the industry has to dealing with deep water disasters. The proof that this is not safe is in the mutated sealife, sick families, and death that continues to wash up on our shores.

As for Earth day in Acadiana it’s all about my lil Sister, Dana. She was a soldier, a farmer, a mother, and a hand full. She made goat soap, kept bees, had at least one really cool horse, helped set up the Freetown farmers market, cared deeply for a lot of people, had many projects including sustainable agriculture, green energy, and suffered from depression. She took her life a few weeks ago, but it is my honor to continue some of the great projects she started. It is also our duty to reach out to those who need it when they are at their worst. The show at the Feed & Seed will be for her… The show at McGee’s landing will be for the Basin and for all of us.


12 Noon- Opening song

12:10 Chrysi Anne Forton

12:25 Brother Dege

1PM Chad Faulk & them

1:20 Shane Blonco


2:30 DREW LANDRY w/ LEE ALLEN & the Crew

3:15 THE Kenneth Richard BAND

*BASINKEEPER.ORG FOLLOWING 4 PM @ McGees Landing on the Levee

4PM Clint Robin

4:30 Cory Guidry/Strawboss

5:15 Mike Dean

6PM Drew Landry/Bandryland

About Dirty Cajuns

The Dirty Cajuns are a group of people really concerned about the affects of the BP Oil Spill. We want to engage with our community by providing information and documentation of what is happening to our home – as fishermen, wildlife experts, just as people who care – through the form of words, videos, sounds, and photos. If you would like to be a part of what we are doing, email gulfchange at gmail dot com.
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